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Jl. Sri Wedari No.66, Tegalantang, Ubud, Bali 80571, INDONESIA

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Jl. Sri Wedari No.66, Tegalantang, Ubud, Bali 80571, INDONESIA

2 finnish sauna

At Parq Ubud, our wellness complex offers 2 Finnish saunas that are suitable for those seeking lower temperatures, a comfortable and relaxing experience with the added health benefits. Due to this sauna type’s temperature, they are popular for families with children looking for a fun activity to spend quality time.

  • Big Finnish sauna
    The capacity is 20 people. Temperature – 60–80 ° С.
  • Small Finnish sauna
    Capacity – 10 people. Temperature – 60–80 ° С.

    Hamam and warm room

    For those looking for a comfortable and cool steam room, our Turkish sauna is a perfect choice. There are no high temperatures where the water vapor is evenly distributed throughout the entire room, thereby creating a holistic environment for rejuvenation and enjoyment.

    The capacity is 15 people.
    Temperature – 30-50 ° С.

    Russian sauna

    The place for extreme heat lovers, our Russian bathhouse is purposefully designed to enable a refreshing dip or swim in the cool plunge pool immediately after a session.

    The capacity is 15 people.
    Temperature – 100-120 ° С.

    Stylish design and pleasant environment

    All of our saunas, bathhouse, and hammam have been designed to ensure a completely safe environment.
    Guests will see the elements of Balinese art and culture that are present in all of Parq Ubud which is consistent in our wellness complex balanced with our intentional furnishings for comfort and relaxation.

    Premium corporate events

    If you are looking for an unique way to spend time with a large company of family members, friends, or colleagues, we welcome you to the sauna. We will help you to tailor a personal program, organize, and conduct an event and all you would have to do is sit back and enjoy your vacation.


    The membership card will give you access to great opportunities and bonuses. Choose from the three options to make the most of your workout.

    Gift Certificate

    A great option for congratulating a loved one or business partner. A Parq Ubud gift certificate can be purchased for a sauna or bath experience and is appropriate for any occasion.